Our Commitment

Utmost confidentiality

At CalChem Synthesis, we are committed to the highest professional standards for the protection of our clients’ confidential information.  We are dedicated to fully protect the confidentiality of your proprietary information we receive from you, the work we produce for you, and your identity.  We understand that your intellectual property is of utmost importance.  As a result, everything we do will be kept confidential and will be your property.  We strictly guard every element of our clients’ confidential information and respect your intellectual property rights which you retain at all time.  Full protection of your confidential and proprietary information is our highest priority.

Complete Flexibility

We realize in conducting research and development to identify lead compounds and advance them to drug candidates, changes can occur during the course of your research studies and with regard to your deadlines.  Should any of your circumstances change, we remain dedicated and flexible to react swiftly to ensure your goals are achieved.

Superior customer service

We serve our customers with pride and in a professional manner as they would wish to be served. We strive for customer satisfaction in the products we deliver and the services we provide. We believe no client is too big or too small and treating everyone fairly and equally. We are committed to maintaining high ethical standards in every aspect of our work and provide services that demonstrate superior workmanship and technical excellence. We take the time to build a long-term and meaningful relationship with our clients by listening and analyzing their requirements, and then work with them to find value-added solutions that can be executed successfully.


The chemistry activities at CalChem Synthesis are directed by Ph.D. level organic chemists with combined 35 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Our scientific team is led by experts in the area of contract research services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our founder held numerous successful managerial positions at contract research organizations at Pacific World Discovery and Albany Molecular Research (AMRI), one of the industry leaders in the chemistry contract research.

Research Center

  • Custom Synthesis

    Custom Synthesis

    As part of our services, we can support your drug discovery program and add significant value to your early development research. Syntheses of starting materials that are not commercially available, early or advanced intermediates, scaffolds, and different analogues for preliminary testing in quantities ranging from mg to kg can be completed at CalChem. Whether your project...
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    Medicinal chemistry

    CalChem Synthesis’s Medicinal chemistry services assist pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with the identification and optimization of lead with biological activities in order to generate clinical candidates. Our experienced scientists provide Medicinal chemistry support to help our customer develop, expand and protect their intellectual properties.   Medicinal chemistry Services Include: Preparation of Analogs for structure-Activity relationship (SAR)...
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  • Process Research and Development

    Process Research and Development

    Advancing a drug candidate from the discovery stage to clinical phases requires a well-defined process research and development plan to identify and troubleshoot poor performing steps, redesigning new routes, and replacing them with less expensive-well performing processes. This would reduce the operational costs, shortening the production time, and bring the drug products to market faster....
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    Our highly experienced process chemists assist our customers with quick optimization of clients’ medicinal chemistry routes to prepare the required large quantities of their drug candidates for pre-clinical developmental studies. The process team at CalChem focuses on rapid and safe scale up of lead compounds and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for toxicology studies, as well...
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  • Sourcing and Procurement Services

    Sourcing and Procurement Services

    By offering Chemical Procurement Services we assist our clients to increase their purchasing power and enable them to source hard to find molecules and custom chemicals through a single and trusted source, CalChem Synthesis. Our world-wide connections and collaborations with many manufacturing companies enables us to quickly source your chemicals and/or custom synthesize them for you...
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  • consulting


    Our lead scientists at CalChem Synthesis are available for consulting in a variety of areas including synthesis, purification, and process research and development. Consulting services can be provided for different projects including the ones conducted in your facility or in collaboration with CalChem Synthesis in our laboratory. The technology transfer reports are communicated via conference calls and written...
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