Custom Synthesis

As part of our services, we can support your drug discovery program and add significant value to your early development research. Syntheses of starting materials that are not commercially available, early or advanced intermediates, scaffolds, and different analogues for preliminary testing in quantities ranging from mg to kg can be completed at CalChem. Whether your project is a typical custom synthesis project with well-defined route, or requires route scouting and synthetic design, CalChem’s experienced chemists are ready to complete it for you with a fast pace required for these types of projects.

Example of Custom Synthesis Services Offered By CalChem:


  • Synthesis of starting materials that are not commercially available
  • Synthesis of early and advanced intermediates following known literature procedures or designing a feasible route if no published route for the synthesis is available
  • Preparing analogs and scaffolds for preliminary testing to support your Medicinal Chemistry studies
  • Scale-up of intermediates, lead compounds, and APIs
  • Isolation, purification, and identification of degradants in APIs uses chromatographic techniques, LCMS analysis, and NMR studies
  • Synthesis of drug metabolites to support your ADME, toxicology, and mechanism of action studies
  • Synthesis of process impurities or degradants for reference testing
  • Designing synthetic routes to support your Fragment Based Drug Design (FBDD) and make key intermediates for further advancement to potent ligands
  • Synthesis of preclinical drug candidates and supplying Technology Transfer Reports to support your Drug Development Program